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    The Feminine Mysteries Long Forgotten…

    An Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed…

    Both an ancient, “found” wisdom text and a sumptuous, epic novel, Gaia Codex reveals the hidden histories of a world long forgotten, the secret wisdom of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera. Set in a near future of impending societal and environmental collapse, the novel is a tale of hope and remembrance, as well as an inspired vision of humanity’s origins and of the potential we hold for conscious evolution.


    With growing numbers of international readers, Gaia Codex is a flourishing phenomena that is capturing the passionate Spirit of the Feminine Rising and our deepening reconnection to our Mother Earth. 




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    A Sumptuous Epic Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed…







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A beautiful and passionately articulated YouTube Review by Elyse MorganTo view the review please go HERE


Once in a while a story wakes you up. I began reading Sarah Drew’s Gaia Codex late one evening in early January 2014 and finished it as the dawn rose over the redwoods of Northern California.  I saw the world through new eyes. The Codex is a breathtaking tale of timeless love woven by a woman who knows and lives the divine. Our world has been waiting for The Gaia Codex. Don’t wait to read it!

Brian J Weller- educator, activist and business development specialist

I have just finished your magnificent novel, Gaia Codex, and I was deeply touched by it and I have a million thoughts and insights as a result. I see clearly that it is something you had to write. I can see and sense the influences that led to its creation. It has so much depth and beauty and reads like honey melting on the tongue. The cover image is stunningly beautiful and the contents match it in warmth, eternal wisdom, feminine beauty, imagination and divine light. You have rendered Mother Earth a delicious and important gift. I for one will be buying more copies to share with my mother and friends, and I'll be re-reading it soon as clearly it can be read on so many levels. I salute you my fellow lover of Pachamama! Bless you for your creative work and the birth of such a sublime offering to the goddess and Gaia.

Jacqueline Wigglesworth-London, United Kingdom

Gaia Codex is a living transmission of the divine feminine and the ancient wisdom that pulsates in all of us. It’s a reminder of our connection to this Earth and is a possibility of how we can live as humans attuned to life and opened fully to our multidimensional nature. I loved how the book brings in a worldly perspective integrating many cultures, and I felt a deep connection to these ancient Priestesses of Astera. The book takes you on a journey around the globe, and simultaneously into the deepest part of your being. Filled with sacredness, nourishment, beauty, connection, soul and exquisite descriptions that make you feel like you are one with the story. Gaia Codex has inspired me with the ancient remembrance of the feminine and the potentiality of it being remembered, lived and embodied in the 21st century that we live.

Nicole Hemmer-Transpersonal Psychologist and Transformational Life Coach



Feminine Wisdoms

Evolutionary Culture and The Emergent Feminine