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    The Feminine Mysteries Long Forgotten…

    An Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed…

    Both an ancient, “found” wisdom text and a sumptuous, epic novel, Gaia Codex reveals the hidden histories of a world long forgotten, the secret wisdom of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera. Set in a near future of impending societal and environmental collapse, the novel is a tale of hope and remembrance, as well as an inspired vision of humanity’s origins and of the potential we hold for conscious evolution.


    With growing numbers of international readers, Gaia Codex is a flourishing phenomena that is capturing the passionate Spirit of the Feminine Rising and our deepening reconnection to our Mother Earth. 




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    A Sumptuous Epic Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed…







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A beautiful and passionately articulated YouTube Review by Elyse MorganTo view the review please go HERE


GAIA CODEX is unravelling through me. Precious as a manifestation of creative voice and feminine wisdom. I love it so much and tried hard not to consume in one sitting because each day that it lasts I am tied again to the web of the sacred.

This codex is my own knowing and I love the way you revealed it. Each chapter is savored. Sarah, I celebrate you a as a weaver of prayer, beauty narrative intuitive wisdom, a word fabric cast into the collective as Offering. Bless this and your devotion and gifting.

Caroline Seckinger-Visual Artist

Sometimes we come across a rare gem-something so clear, beautiful and shining with light that we can not pass it by. This beauty is the GAIA CODEX. From the moment that I picked up this book - I was immersed in a world that felt at once deeply familiar and one that I had been yearning for another to express. My sister Sarah Drew has been the vessel for this essential story to be told. The remembrance of our deep and powerful Priestess Lineages is of urgent and timely importance. We know that so many of us are being called to stand in as women of spirit, sacred vessels to "be" a new paradigm of the divine feminine in embodied form. This story weaves our threads together in both a powerful and timely call to action. We are being called to connect with the "reactivation codes" because it is time for us to remember. Just recently I was in Glastonbury- I happened, of course, to have this book with me- and as i sat at the Chalice Well- I thought I saw Old Woman slide between the veils to touch my hand- I felt Lila Sophia and the Chateau Lumiere- I felt the connection between us all- ancient and future sisters who are called to walk as devoted loving service int his world. This is a story- a work of fiction - and if you look between the veils it is an offering of deep mystery steeped in powerful wisdom and potent alchemical transmission - that will change you as you as you as you read.

Elayne Kalila Doughty-Founder and Focalizer of Priestess Presence

So grateful, Sister Sarah, for the astounding gift of Gaia Codex. Luminous initiation & heart-stirring memories.  Filled to the brim with blessings. YES!  

Rachel Bagby-Poet and Visionary Catalyst for the Feminine



Feminine Wisdoms

Evolutionary Culture and The Emergent Feminine