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    The Feminine Mysteries Long Forgotten…

    An Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed…

    Both an ancient, “found” wisdom text and a sumptuous, epic novel, Gaia Codex reveals the hidden histories of a world long forgotten, the secret wisdom of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera. Set in a near future of impending societal and environmental collapse, the novel is a tale of hope and remembrance, as well as an inspired vision of humanity’s origins and of the potential we hold for conscious evolution.




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    A Sumptuous Epic Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed…



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I've been teaching thousands of women the principles of Nature-based Divine Feminine spirituality for years now and this book is filled with those same magical secrets. I love the way Sarah weaves these mysteries so poetically and beautifully through this fascinating read. I simply wasn't ready for the book to end. The infusion of the Gaia Codex nodal insights was brilliant. If you want a deeper sense of the ways of the priestess this book is a must read. If you long to align your life with the ways of the natural world, read this book. If you would like to more fully understand the alchemical process of transformation dive into the world of the Gaia Codex and enjoy! Sarah Drew truly captures the essence of the Divine Feminine. While Sarah and I have never met I consider her a soul sister. Thank you for writing this delicious and powerful book Sarah!

Lisa Michaels International Bestselling Author * Prosperous Priestess Handbook

I am filled with immense gratitude for GAIA CODEX. This poetic tale has served as a guide on my path in the most profound and sacred ways. GAIA CODEX is a deep transmission that meets my heart's deepest desires. The time has come for this story to be shared and spread to many.

Magalie Bonneau-Founder of HER RISING~Dancing Without Borders

I just finished reading Gaia Codex last night, and it was very important in my life. When I first started reading it, I thought, oh this is going to be too romantic for me, but, no. I really loved it and it supported many experiences I have had that I kept secret with no one to share with. It changed my dreams and the vibration of my body, returning me to experiences I had while living alone in the mountains....I felt sad when it came to an end, for I was truly living it everyday if not every moment.

Vijali Hamilton-Founder of World Wheel



Feminine Wisdoms

Evolutionary Culture and The Emergent Feminine