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    The Feminine Mysteries Long Forgotten…

    An Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed…

    Both an ancient, “found” wisdom text and a sumptuous, epic novel, Gaia Codex reveals the hidden histories of a world long forgotten, the secret wisdom of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera. Set in a near future of impending societal and environmental collapse, the novel is a tale of hope and remembrance, as well as an inspired vision of humanity’s origins and of the potential we hold for conscious evolution.




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    A Sumptuous Epic Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed…



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Waves of laughter and tears with rich and luscious imagery transport the reader into a world of magic and creative promise, awakening our awareness and guiding us towards a future worth creating.
Reading GAIA CODEX inspires the reader into a journey, awakening the imagination with depth and insight filled with magic and possibility. 
This Journey clearly references our current time, revealing the most likely outcome if we continue this path of unconscious management of our resources without regard for the future of our species.
It is a transmission of wisdom, sensory awareness and consciousness for cultivating our relationship to the Mother Earth.
Sarah's writing draws us into a luscious new world and I was unable to put the book down, waiting for moments when I could continue reading. When I finished I was left wanting more.
Gaia Codex  is an important, timeless book that has great wisdom for people of all ages. 

Lynn Augstein Dimensional Light Artist and Designer

I have been fortunate enough to meet Sarah first as a person hiking on the sea cliffs of Tennessee Valley, California with her dear friend, before I read her book. I knew upon meeting her that Sarah had something profound and mystical to say in her writing, as she embodies the wisdom she speaks of. I savored her book and found it to be a story that went a bit like the movie Avatar meets a feminine version of The Hobbit with a lot of sumptuous imagery. As magical as the book is, it calls in a river stream of deep truth that moved through my core. It was one of those books that I needed to read slowly because like a very good savory dessert I didn't want to gobble it up too fast... I wanted it to linger on the taste buds of my inner psyche for a few more days.

Dr. Jacqueline Chan

Wow! there is so much I could say about the GAIA CODEX it is beyond awesome! as I read it,it was as if I was remembering what was being said,information imparted that I had long forgotten, I felt like shouting yes! yes! that's its! so many times. dearest Sarah has truly connected with Gaia and the very codex we all know but have forgotten, I believe this book is a very revelation in its truest sense, that it will create a much needed movement to connecting with our Mother and to all our sister brother beings,whatever their species,the Trees, plants and body of the Mother, to remember we are all truly connected,we are all equal, and love love love for all is the key that opens the codex within you and before you. so much love and blessings to you dearest Sarah, my Sister in Gaia.

Sarah Silverbirch-Founder of Gaia’s Grove-Wales England



Feminine Wisdoms

Evolutionary Culture and The Emergent Feminine