International Women’s Day and Our Feminine Wisdom

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Dearest Friends…

As we celebrate our Sisterhood and International Women’s Day, I am struck by the Awakening of Women’s Wisdom within so many of us at this pivotal historical moment.
The memory, this knowing often comes first as a subtle whisper, a remembered dream, an echo of what once was unequivocally known but has long been forgotten—those teachings and codes inscribed in our bones, the wisdom passed down through our mothers, grandmothers and generations of women kin who came before…precious treasure in the pulsing of our DNA waiting to be re-awakened as Gaia, Herself is reborn.
And then, if we are touched, the memory gathers force. It hits us – the torrential wind, the raging fire, the deluge that sweeps our soul clean, that  shatters (and heals) our Heart and reveals our Inner Eye, our Luminous Body, that sees and feels the deep pulsing web of connection between all Beings, and to the Mother Earth Herself.  In the wake we find ourselves once again speaking, writing and dancing Her voice and our own forgotten histories as women–the initiations, the teachings, the records and histories of humanity and our Mother Earth through the eyes of the Godesss. The Goddess initiates us and we are once again die and are reborn even as we Live.
Indeed there are bits and pieces of Her history to be found scattered throughout history in the known historical records, in architecture, pictures and icons but many of us know that much of Her Story has been kept alive in whispered secrets, oral traditions, and living histories, Mind Treasures guarded for millenia by brave women who have dedicated their lives and often given their lives to keep Her Story alive.

Now once more Gaia’s records are coming to Life, through the art, dance, creations, science, wrtings, activism, technologies of millions of women who carry the flame of the Sacred Feminine as we humans rebirth the dream of GAIA herself…as Gaia and the Mother births us into Her Dream that is ever evolving.
And we hold our brothers, our fathers, our beloved male lovers and partners in deep embrace. For we human’s are only whole when we honor both parts of ourselves -Male and Female, for are we not in essence One joined in the HEART of LOVE.
Many of you, who know me know that the uncovering of the records and story of the Feminine, the recasting of the spell , the re-membering of this forgotten story has been my obssession and passion for many years as I have travelled the world, delved deep into the sacred and historical records, as I have written my novel, GAIA CODEX (or perhaps I should say as it has written me!). This writing has has been a labor of love and dedication. It has been an intiation of many births and deaths (again and again) back into the ground of Luminous Being that breathes awake with every breath.

It is an honor to share GAIA CODEX at this time as so many brave and dedicated souls (sisters and brothers) are bringing forth, powerful exquisite creations and transmissions for the Benefit of All Beings, Life and our Mother Earth.

May we join hands to together in a deep dedication to insure that future generations live in balance and harmony with Gaia herself. May we remember our Love for each other and Life.


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Thank you.


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