Birth, Death and Species Regeneration

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Dearest Friends,

My blessings to each of you as we move forward into 2015. May this year bring you abundant returns and deep soul illumination and may we join together in the deeper prayer of inspired action for humanity’s collective awakening and for our care and stewardship of Mother Gaia in this potent evolutionary moment.

Birth, Death and Species Regeneration: 

Many of us are feeling the potent vibrancy and potential of these times. The winds of change are upon us. There is a trembling inside. Many of us have felt this calling since early childhood in emergent memories of the ancient roots of civilizations or in the visionary dreams of what is yet to come. We have felt it in the pulse of our Soul which informs and guides us.

For others, the knowing may have revealed itself over time as subtle unfoldings and spontaneous revelations. Or it grabs us and shakes us, in the crash, the collapse, the thunderous roar of life circumstances: tragedy, loss and failure which pulls away the veils and scales from our eyes and beckons us to see both our personal and cultural ignorance.

This is both a deeply personal and a collective journey that we have embarked on together, for as a species we are at an extraordinary turning point, an opportunity for evolution and transformation.

Study the historical record and we see that all civilizations rise and fall. There are times of abundance and flourishing, Golden Ages of brilliance and splendor but eventually all things must end. There is collapse and breakdown and from the chaos of uncertainty, transformation and evolution is ignited. New forms arise and ancient wisdom can find a place to rest once more.

This is the wisdom of Nature: cyclical change, transformation and evolution. This intrinsic cycle change is referred to over and over again in our core transcultural myths and narratives.

The bhavacakra or the Wheel of Life in Buddhism refers to this cycle of changes as the wheel of cyclic existence or wheel of becoming which refers to the journey of a soul, or a world and can be applied to the cycles of civilization.

As I write this today, we humans are in the midst of extraordinary change. Structural foundations of governance, religion, economics that stretch back to Roman times are in state of transformation for there is a growing consensus that they are no longer sustainable for either our Mother Earth or for the human spirit.

* 13402422_xl-1 copy* 13402422_xl-1 copyReawakening to Our Essential Interconnectedness:

There is a reawakening to our essential interconnectedness with all Life with each other and with Mother Gaia. This is a deep, sensuous, visceral knowing that we are a part of the Web of Creation and Life.

This interconnectedness, incorporates a simple law of causality that all our actions have an affect on others and ourselves.

In these time many of us are also being called to deepen our practice and cultivation of Inner Peace: that simple Being in the Timelessness, the ‘Now ’ that is always here between our in breath and out breath, through the cycles of birth and death.

Uprising of the Vibrant Feminine:

We are in the midst of a deep healing and radiant uprising of the Vibrant Feminine, the feminine part of our humanity. The feminine voice is rising within us. It is time. Many sisters are gathering. There is power, beauty and radiance in our numbers.


My own journey in this life has often felt like a path of a thousand deaths. There has been loss and dissolution, shattering of ideas of self, family and relationship, and worldviews, death that over and over again, has been the luminous doorway to love, awakening consciousness, evolution and vibrant creativity.  Within this wheel of transformation and evolution I am thankful for incredible joy, kinship, intimacy, love.

I was born with the memory, a knowing, of the thread that connects through time. This has given me solace and hope as well as the gift over time of kindred souls who shared this knowing. It has revealed that gift of connection to Divine Source that flows through all of us like a stream when we open ourselves to be Her Holy Vessel…to be the Divine’s Holy Vessel in service of the highest for all Beings.

And I have experienced the fragileness and often searing, painful lessons of our human existence.

Our personal pains and trials are the grit is in the oyster of our collective human soul, a part of Gaia’s soul ,which is re-awakening through us as each of us comes into states of deeper consciousness and connection with each other and with all of Life itself.

For we are on the journey together and Life is creating itself through us, through our art, writing, our songs, films, designs, our activism, our businesses, our motherhood, our social leadership, scientific discoveries.

This path often requires a willingness to let go of those things we think we hold dear or are so familiar to us that they do not even penetrate our day-to-day consciousness.

What Are Your Gifts and Offerings?

What are your Offerings for these extraordinary times? What will you create? How will you love?

What are you willing to lay down at the altar, to place into the sacred flames  so that you can more fully embrace the Illuminated Inspiration of the Divine, that is moving through you, through so many of us, so that we as a species can be born anew?

I look forward to hearing your inspirations and reflections and I look forward to experiencing the power and beauty of your voice and our voices rising together.

Again my deep gratitude to each of you for your, vision and courage for our shared love, prayers and action for Mother Gaia.

Lets create something extraordinary in 2015 that will deeply touch and inspire the hearts of generations to come.

Much Love and Gratitude,


Sarah .:. Drew

Author of GAIA CODEX-A Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed.


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  1. Shannon

    I feel the change. It weighs me down, it is unbearable. At the same time, I feel myself slowly emerging from my cocoon. I don’t know yet what my gifts and offering will be, but I’m sure I will know in time.

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