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Dearest Friends,

Recently, I have had the opportunity to engage in wonderful and illuminating conversations about the deeper stories, themes and transmissions of GAIA CODEX on a number of spirited, soulful and thought-provoking radio shows.

I love the intimate conversation, the alchemy that happens when two or more gather. I sense that it is here, in this communion of souls, that our direct access to the deeper wisdoms that are our natural birthright arise, revealing to us the vision and guidance that can be a “golden compass” for cultivating a deeper connection with Mother Gaia, revitalizing our culture and shaping a vibrant future  for generations to come.


The following Radio and Podcast Interviews can be downloaded as an MP3 to listen to at your leisure or listened to directly on the web.

DR. ANN WEST: Truth From The Source

Dr. Ann West is an author, teacher and deeply insightful interviewer whose pasts guests range from Deepak Chopra to Bill Clinton, Ram Das, Jean Huston. 

Listen to Sarah’s interview with Dr. Ann West HERE:

MERRY AND BURL HALL: Envision this Radio

Burl and Merry Hall host the catalyzing, insightful, podcast ENVISION THIS. Past guests have included Charles Eisenstein author of Sacred Economics and a More Beautiful World and author -activist Derrick Jensen. Burl and Merry are also the authors of the upcoming book Sophia’s Web. 

Listen to the Radio Show here: Sarah Drew: The Gaia Codex, Applying Mother Gaia’s Wisdom to Today’s Crisis. 


Sheri Herndon is a social architect who has been pioneering for the last 20 years at the nexus of social networks, conscious evolution, media, and collaboration. 

Listen to our radio show HERE: Gaia Codex-Remembering our True Nature with Sarah Drew

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and  insights and my continued appreciation and recognition of the deep  journey we are on together in this Potent Evolutionary Moment. 

Much More to Come!













Sarah Drew, author of GAIA CODEX:A Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed.www.GaiaCodex.com  Contact Sarah Directly At: metamuse@mac.com

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  1. The interview with Dr Ann West was illuminating in many ways. Your discussion about the way you created Gaia Codex (or how it was created through you) and advice to writers was especially useful for me. I am just starting to surrender to the process more and was inspired by your feedback. I am looking froward to listening to the other two interviews. Thanks, Sarah!

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