Transforming Fear into Love~NYT Bestselling Author LISSA RANKIN’S “The Fear Cure”.

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Dearest Friends,

What do you do when you are grabbed by uncertainty and unknowing? When you are rocked by fear, that place of uneasiness and contraction  where the mind becomes ‘monkey rogue’ and the body tenuous and woozy? What happens when you have a global civilization, billions of people, making daily critical decisions that are shaped by stress rooted in fear?

My dear friend, New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Lissa Rankin’s new bookThe Fear Cure  is a provocative, thoughtful, deeply researched look at fear, health and courage. Lissa names the elephant in the room and in doing so opens a powerful doorway to reclaim our courage, to choose peace and to deeply transform our personal lives and begin to create a  foundation for awakening our world and cultivating  regenerative cultures which nourish and sustain overtime.

The Fear Cure officially launches this Tuesday February 24th.


The PBS SPECIAL (which you will not want to miss) airs beginning February 27, 2015.



If you pre-order the Fear Cure before February 24th  you will also receive a bundle of extra goodies. Buy one copy and get free access to a special Live-Virtual TeleClass with Dr. Lissa Rankin and author Tosha Silver. Pre-Order 3 copies of the book and you will receive a free enrollment in the 8 Week Teleclass Series Lissa will be teaching in May–June 2015 as a way to deepen your experience of The Fear Cure. ($297.00 value).

All the details HERE:

Plus a SPECIAL GIFTLISSA RANKIN and SARAH DREW in Conversation-An Emerging World Beyond Fear.

Finally as a special Gift to to you, Lissa and I are sharing the evocative One Hour in Studio Interview  we recorded in late November 2014: LISSA RANKIN and SARAH DREW in Conversation-An Emerging World Beyond Fear.  In this conversation  we explore themes of emergent evolutionary culture  and the power of transforming fear into deeper awareness and inner peace. The interview is juicy, personal and revealing, a spiced mix of levity and gravity.

My continued appreciation to each of you. I am deeply thankful that we are on this Great Journey of Life together.

Much Love,
Sarah .:. 



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