(O) GAIA CODEX: Autumn Blessings and Offerings


Dearest Friends,

Trust you all are most well as we enter into this Sacred Seasonal Portal of Autumn.

These are potent, deeply seminal times and many of us are feeling both the call and pulse of the deep uprising and revelation of Mother Earth speaking to us and the awakening consciousness of humanity revealing itself through so many voices across the globe.

For many of us, our Hearts are Bursting Open in the recognition that now is the time so many of us have waited for and we must come together with both our deepest knowing and the deep offering of our Gifts in service to all Beings and to Life.
As we open the season, I wanted to share with you a few Teachings and Offerings I am involved with over the next months with as well as some of the extraordinary work, creations and transmissions of beloved friends and colleagues.





For all of you who continue to write in with your deeply inspired letters, comments, reflections and remembrances as you read GAIA CODEX, I am deeply grateful. As a sisterhood we are indeed growing in number and I am deeply inspired by the amazing women (and men) who are gathering across the globe.

Here are a few recent reflections, inspirations and reviews on Gaia Codex from sisters around the world.

Deep Love and Gratitude!


A passionate and beautifully articulated YouTube Review by Elyse Morgan, Founder of Wild Moon Tarot





For MORE about Elyse and Wild Moon Tarot please go HERE:


And More Inspirations on GAIA CODEX from our CIRCLE of SISTERS:

For any woman awakening to the true feminine power within her very body and soul, Gaia Codex is not only a must-read, it is a get-to read! Wrapped in the kind of story that makes you never want to put the book down (I consumed it within 48 hours), Sarah Drew has magically weaved in powerful mystical ‘keys’ that make you feel like portals of remembrance and a long-forgotten truth are awakening inside your heart. Gaia Codex is not just another book, it’s a spiritual adventure and an invitation into a sisterhood of other women who are rising to take their place to weave a new world that not only honors the feminine but celebrates, protects and embraces Her.

Christine Arylo, three time best-selling author, spiritual activist and founder of the international self-love movement
This is a compelling Call to All Being Devoted to Transforming our Mother Earth. If you want a stunning experience of remembrance of being a priestess with roots in the stars, this is the book for you! It describes etheric temples in such a vivid and fulfilling way, that you just want to align your life to be living there NOW! It comes in the form of a cautionary tale about what will happen to ourselves and our Mother Gaia, if we don’t wake up immediately and begin living in devoted service to Her! I cannot recommend the Gaia Codex highly enough!

Ariel Spilsbury, Author, Mayan Oracle, 13 Moon Oracle and Gaia’s New DreamCoat


As I begin this review, it is 4:27am. The moon is almost full. The eclipse lingers in the realm of destined likelihood and my surrender deepens past the place I know how to articulate. I have just finished this book and its intentional arrow has penetrated me. Its transmission has magnetized its way into the center of the center of my heart. I am grateful to Sarah Drew for being a divine vessel that can hold the sacred stories and offer them to my world and the world in this compelling, evocative way. In the realm of magical realism, the magic is made real by the feeling of truth in the bones that is undeniable to those who are called to it. The timing, as much divine timing is, is auspicious. I could not have read this book at a more perfect time and trust if you are drawn to it as well, it will be perfect for you. When I awoke this morning, I prayed for a miracle, some way to feel the magic of life again, more deeply, and this moment has been an answered prayer. I love how books can hold keys to the doors within ourselves that feel locked and I am grateful for this key.

Rochelle Schieck, Creator of Qoya


Sometimes we come across a rare gem-something so clear, beautiful and shining with light that we can not pass it by. This beauty is the GAIA CODEX. From the moment that I picked up this book – I was immersed in a world that felt at once deeply familiar and one that I had been yearning for another to express.

My sister Sarah Drew has been the vessel for this essential story to be told. The remembrance of our deep and powerful Priestess Lineages is of urgent and timely importance. We know that so many of us are being called to stand in as women of spirit, sacred vessels to “be” a new paradigm of the divine feminine in embodied form. This story weaves our threads together in both a powerful and timely call to action. We are being called to connect with the “reactivation codes” because it is time for us to remember.

Just recently I was in Glastonbury- I happened, of course, to have this book with me- and as i sat at the Chalice Well- I thought I saw Old Woman slide between the veils to touch my hand- I felt Lila Sophia and the Chateau Lumiere- I felt the connection between us all- ancient and future sisters who are called to walk as devoted loving service int his world. This is a story- a work of fiction – and if you look between the veils it is an offering of deep mystery steeped in powerful wisdom and potent alchemical transmission – that will change you as you as you as you read.

Elayne Kalila Doughty-Founder and Focalizer of Priestess Presence

Waves of “truth bumps”,soul remembrance and resonant timeless wisdom washed over me and through me as I devoured GAIA CODEX! I wanted it to stretch out and last longer…To never end. I loved this book and felt my own mythic story come even more alive interwoven within this story. If you are feeling called to the path of the priestess or mystic and or just simply love and care for our Earth Mother Gaia- this is a must read! Thank you Sarah Drew, for your deep listening and this act of service and love you share. We are activated!

Eden Amadora- Ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage, Devotional Singer and Prayer-formance Artist. http://www.edenamadora.com/




I am especially touched by the many Sister Circles that are forming from around the globe. Both those Circles that are new and those bringing the wisdom of deep practice of many years and many lifetimes into the light of our collective conversation, creation and action at this time.

I am touched by how many of you have taken GAIA CODEX into to the center of your communities.

Deep Gratitude:

In October and November 2015 we will be building our Community Page at www.GaiaCodex.com.
This will be a place where sisters from around the globe can connect with ally sister circles, communities and individuals of shared heart and vision.

If you have a SISTER CIRCLE that you would like to let sister know about or would like to share your Offerings and Creations please contact us HERE:

In your email please include:

-A Brief Description of you, your Offering or the Sister Circle you would like to share.

-A URL Link to your Work, Creation, Community

-A Brief Description of how the GAIA CODEX has inspired you

This is a powerful time and we are finding each other, growing in numbers and each of us has an essential part to play in the Awakening and Revitalization of Mother GAIA and the Awakening of Consciousness.

Thank you for adding your Vision and Voice.



As we enter autumn, I have the honor of contributing to a few key programs and teachings. Please join as you are inspired.




Many of you have had the opportunity to experience the Modern Day Priestess Summit.

For those with the desire to go deeper I would like to introduce you to a very Special Offering a deep initiation into the Mysterium and the Path of the Awakening of the Evolutionary Priestess.

Do you feel the call? Have you felt a deep longing and knowing inside you, a memory of your own innate sacredness, a deep service to our Mother Earth and the Path of the Sacred Feminine?

My dear sister Elayne Kalila Doughty has put together a rich, powerful program that offers communion, initiation and transmission. A deep entry into the Mystery.

For the Program I also have the honor of contributing a teaching transmission from the GAIA CODEX-Weaving the Threads of Sisterhood: She who is the Ancient One on October 21st.

The Mysterium is 11 Week Program that begins on October 10th.



For the next 48 hours receive the MYSTERIUM Online Program for only $333.00. (the normal price is $597.00).

This is a Special Offer for our GAIA CODEX Community.

This Offer is for 48 hours ONLY

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Please go HERE:

and enter code word gaia (all lower case) at check-out to receive your special price of $333.00. This discount is good for the one time pay program only.

This Offer Ends 12pm on October 5th 2015.

This is a deep initiation and immersion into the Sacred Feminine Mystery, the Path of the Priestess.

Do you hear the CALL?

Enter into the the Mysterium HERE:

I look forward to joining with you as we deepen together in the practice.



In November, I will also be teaching a class with the fabulous CHRISTINE ARYLO www.ChristineArylo.com as part of her SACRED CIRCLE PROGRAM a powerful and deep online immersion and teaching on female activation and leadership.

Although this year’s CIRCLE Program is closed I highly recommend checking out Christine’s other programs at www.ChristineArylo.com as well as the recording of the full moon livestream-a Deep Equinox Conversation Ritual hosted by Christine Arlyo and Shiloh Sophia. This is a beautiful Gift Offering. Receive your free recorded session HERE:



CLEAN PURE WATER is SACRED and essential for Life. My dear sister, Magalie Bonneau-Marcil is a force of nature and a visionary organizer of prayer-rituals potent arial art that is specific to key causes for our Mother Earth and for Women.

For Magalie’s latest Art Installation-A Prayer for Water please explore HERE:

To find out more about Magalie and her visionary work please go to www.ShapingNewCulture.com



My dear friend and mentor Ariel Spilsbury’s new book,
GAIA’S NEW DREAMCOAT is now available.

Many of you will know Ariel as the author of the powerful and beautifully wrought Mayan Oracle
and The 13 Moon Priestess Oracle

Ariel is a wise and courageous teacher, a vibrantly visionary soul who has been a touchstone and deep inspiration for many generations. I am also deeply honored to know her as a beloved friend and mentor.

Ariel’s latest book “Gaia’s New Dreamcoat” is wrought in the tradition of sacred myth-story-fable, an alchemical teaching and activation that is so essential at this time a deep inspiration for those of us engaged in the work of dreaming, weaving and creating vibrant healthy cultures which are deeply aligned with our Mother GAIA.

Although at first glance the book may appear as a deceptively simple, this is a story that runs deep. It is activated code in the form of potent alchemical myth. “Gaia’s New Dreamcoat” is illuminated with the exquisite art of Oceana Visions.

Click HERE to learn more and get your copy.

To find out more about Ariel Spilsbury, founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School, her teachings and work.

Please explore HEREhttp://holographicgoddess.com


Finally, my dear sister and longtime hiking partner, NYT bestseller, Lissa Rankin’s new book Anatomy of a Calling is available for Pre-Order with December 31st Release. I will be sharing more on this gem of a book in the upcoming months but in the meantime check it out HERE.


As always I love hearing your musings, thoughts and inspirations.

Please feel free contact me directly HERE:

May our work together Benefit all Life and All Beings and reawaken our deep connection to the essence of Mother GAIA, our Luminous HEART of LOVE,

More soon…





With Much Love,
Sarah .:. Drew
Author of GAIA CODEX: A Novel and Ancient Wisdom Text Revealed


Sarah Drew Author



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