(O) Our Luminous Circle of Remembrance…


Dear One,

I am writing you today from a misted autumn morning in the Hudson Valley. The first golden leaves fall from the trees and birdsong echoes through the skies. The seasons are changing and I am feeling it in my bones and in my soul.

Walking through the forest, my HEART swells with gratitude as we join together in this seminal journey of Awakening. Sisters, we are the voices of our time, the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine luminously coming to life at this critical moment in human history. We are many and we are one, and we are growing in number.

Since the Gaia Codex  was released a little over two years ago, I’ve had the honor of communing directly with so many of you, extraordinary sisters from around the world, wisdom-women of all ages, from all walks of life, who hold the keys for our collective awakening, the essential reclamation of our voices, and the expression of our wisdom at this critical juncture in human history.

Sisters, my heart has been broken open and illuminated again and again by your stories, your wisdom, your vision, and embodiment. We are indeed infinite facets of the radiant diamond, each showing our unique ray of light. We are many and we are ONE.

In this circle alone, we are blessed to be 25,000 plus and growing in our collective social media pages:

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And we are just the tip of the iceberg, one circle amongst many circles of women igniting globally. We are leaders, visionaries, midwives, and catalysts of extraordinary movements of women. We hold the sacred circle of the HEART for those we love and our communities. Sisters, together we are a part of the Circle of Circles, a luminous web of connection that is rapidly growing. WE are growing in our numbers. The movement of movements is happening. It is time.

When I received the first downloads, the first passages and writing for the Gaia Codex  some 20 years ago, it was as both a deep remembrance  and a lucid seeing of what collectively we were awakening into as as women and as humans. Time has passed and we are here.

We are in that  Lucid Moment. That so many of us have known in our heart-of-hearts for decades, maybe even lifetimes.

Our times call for Strength, Courage and Love. The Revelation of the Courageous HEART. Your creativity, your art, your wisdom in the form that is truly yours to offer.

As we move into autumn, part of my devotional practice is to nourish this “blog,” this space where we can explore both the themes of the Gaia Codex and deepen our conversation around what we as women, as awakening humans, are creating together in this potent evolutionary moment…this critical juncture in evolution. SHE is Illuminating through us. 

A Priestess of Astera is initiated over many lifetimes. She walks in all cultures. She wears the skins of many races. Trained to hold the thread of memory, she is said to carry the seeds of wisdom as civilizations are born and die.

A priestess may play many roles in a culture. She may not be recognized—except perhaps, for the kindness of her heart or for an unusual ability to comfort, nourish, and heal those wounds no one else can heal.

The Priestesses of Astera have been artists, lovers, and courtesans. They have been queens, scientists, alchemists, poets, scholars, mothers, medicine woman, muses, and shopkeepers. You will find some priestesses in deep forests or in high mountain caves, where they are yoginis, saints, and oracles. Priestesses who are in seclusion are dedicated in prayer and blessings to the larger energies of our Mother Earth: to the forests, the plants, the trees, and the animals, to the collective soul of a species, or to the planet herself. Some priestesses have merged with the Goddess in her forms as Lakshmi, Oshun, Aphrodite, Kuan Yin, Tara, or Mary.

They walk the Earth as her living embodiment. All priestesses have taken a vow to sustain and rejuvenate Life, to plant and cultivate the seeds of wisdom in the hearts of human beings and in the soil of Mother Earth, as civilizations are born and die. The way of the priestess is not easy, for you must die a thousand deaths to be One with the Goddess—she who flowers ten thousand times.

Gaia Codex: Node 3332.841

For me personally, these last decades have been filled with  multiple initiations in preparation for these times. These last few years has been a celebration of the joyous communion of sisterhood and a time of continued  growth and release: keeping Kali close and being willing to dip into the fire of awakening and remembrance often so that together we are a lucid radiant vessel for the deep regeneration of Life, Beauty and Awareness in alignment with the Deep Wisdom of Mother GAIA.



When a priestess is truly seated on her throne, she realizes that she carries the throne within her. Our bodies are the temple of our souls. To be seated on the throne is to be well placed inside our own sacred chambers, deeply grounded into the root of Mother Earth, well seated in the center of our belly, as we connect to the stars and the sky and let the Goddess’s inspiration, her words, and actions flow through us.

Gaia Codex: Node 34215.955

I look forward to hearing of your lived experiences, your illuminations and knowledge, your wildness, innocence, and truth. I would love to hear any insights and questions about Gaia Codex that you would like to explore more deeply here on our blog. Please feel free to write me directly atmetamuse@mac.com

I feel such deep gratitude that we are together at this time.

Feeling the Joy and the Blessing.

Much Love,














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