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(O) DR. LISSA RANKIN and SARAH DREW in Conversation-An Emerging World Beyond Fear.

In this one hour studio recorded conversation. NYT Bestselling author, Dr Lissa Rankin and and Sarah Drew explore themes of emergent evolutionary culture  and the power of transforming fear into deeper awareness and inner peace. The interview is juicy, personal and revealing a spiced mix of levity and gravity. This was originally recorded as part of a promotion package for Dr. Rankin’s t book The Fear Cure. 

Listen to the Interview HERE:

(O) DR. ANN WEST: Truth From The Source

Dr. Ann West is an author, teacher and deeply insightful interviewer whose pasts guests include Deepak Chopra Bill Clinton, Ram Das, Jean Huston and Wayne Dyer.

Listen to Sarah’s interview with Dr. Ann West HERE:

(O) JOANNA HARTCOURT SMITH: Future Primitive Radio

Joanna Hartcourt Smith is a wise and storied soul who reveals the nuanced subtleties of heart, consciousness and the expansive terrains of wonder. Listen to our radio interview below.

Drinking from the River of Memory  In this week’s episode, Sarah Drew speaks with Joanna about: A Gaian heroine’s journey; mythopoetics, an incantation creating relationship with the past and the future; drinking from the river of memory; a continuity of souls: remembering together; entheogenic initiations; an emergent, trans-religious spirituality; connecting back to Mother/Matter; mentoring program in visionary writing; the call of Mother Muse; the vibrant potential of these times; circles of remembrance; the power of understanding frequency and vibration embedded in words.

(O) MERRY AND BURL HALL: Envision this Radio

Burl and Merry Hall host the catalyzing, insightful, podcast ENVISION THIS. Past guests have included Charles Eisenstein author of Sacred Economics and a More Beautiful World and author -activist Derrick Jensen. Burl and Merry are also the authors of the upcoming book Sophia’s Web. 

Listen to the Radio Show here: Sarah Drew: The Gaia Codex, Applying Mother Gaia’s Wisdom to Today’s Crisis. 


Sheri Herndon is a social architect who for the last 20 years has been a pioneer at the nexus of social networks, conscious evolution, media, and collaboration. 

Listen to our radio show HERE: Gaia Codex-Remembering our True Nature with Sarah Drew



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