An Ancient ‘Found’ Wisdom Text and Sumptuous Epic Novel…

Both an ancient ‘found’ wisdom text and a sumptuous epic novel, GAIA CODEX reveals the hidden histories and teachings of a world long forgotten. Gaia Codex is a deep exploration into the secret wisdom of women through the ages. Set in a near future of impending societal and environmental collapse, the novel is a tale of hope and remembrance an inspired vision of humanity’s origins and the potential we hold for conscious evolution.

Sensuous in its prose and extensively researched, GAIA CODEX draws on our collective cultural wisdom through the ages: those ways of living that have long been  forgotten…those dreams of civilizations yet to come. Although written as fiction,  Gaia Codex speaks to urgent truths of our times for many  feel humanity is at a critical turning point and we must change our relationship to our Mother Earth and transform the cultures we live in.

The novel is the fruit of the author’s many travels around the world and her decades long explorations into the evolution of consciousness and human culture. Born of a deep listening to the Mother Earth herself.  This book is the Gift of Blessed Teachers.







Circles of Connection…

As a growing international phenomena, GAIA CODEX is a gathering women of all ages from around the globe coming together to deepen into the sacred technology of the CIRCLE, a space of communion, connection and catalysis  to  reconnect with our legacy of Feminine Wisdom in service of  our Mother Earth. Ready to find out more?  Join our community HERE:




Lila Sophia

LILA SOPHIA Image by Atelier Sommerland

The Story…

Lila Sophia had heard the whispered tales, stories of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera, who through the rise and fall of civilizations have protected codes of cultural and planetary rejuvenation, the Secrets to Life. Although these women have lived in every culture, few have known of their existence–until now.

Born onto a planet in the throes of environmental and social crises, Lila’s life implodes when her mother, Dominique, suddenly dies, and Lila is left with a mysterious illuminated manuscript that reveals that Lila is both a priestess and a genetic experiment called the Metamorphosis Project, a fusion of alchemy and magic designed to rebalance humanity’s relationship with the Mother Earth.

In search of her sister-priestesses and further understanding of her origins, Lila journeys from the mythic countryside of Glastonbury to Delphi, to an ancient hidden temple in the center of Paris, and finally, into the heart of the Amazon jungle. On her quest, Lila learns how to use her mutation to benefit Life. She also must decide between two passionate loves: a wise and beautiful sister-priestess, Rhea, and a mysterious man Theo, who has been waiting for her for millennia.

Gaia Priestess

GAIA PRIESTESS Image by Atelier Sommerland

A Tale of the Codex…

Through the flow of ages and the rise and fall of cultures, a secret codex has been inscribed  with the tales and stories, the rites and rituals of priestesses who are emanations of the Eternal Goddess, caretakers and guardians of our Mother Earth, Terra Gaia.


In India, China, and Ancient Sumer, in Ancient Greece and Egypt, in the Serengeti and the Amazon, and in the Celtic wilds, amongst those who have walked the Earth, who revere and remember the Circle of Life, there flows a timeless tradition. Passed from grandmother to mother, daughter to sister, auntie to niece, held safe in the hearts of sisters who have incarnated through the ages, this text is not written on pages, paper, or papyrus but is inscribed in holograms of light, in the leaves of trees, the hum of bees, and in the codes of spiral DNA.


Hidden from many, the Codex is known by those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to feel, that which lies just beyond the veil.It is said that the Gaia Codex contains jewel seeds of planetary destiny for all beings and life on Planet Earth. These women, the Priestesses of Astera, have sheltered and protected the Codex and, when necessary, kept it hidden and ready for those moments of extraordinary crisis and transformation when it will be needed once more for the nourishment and regeneration of humankind.


More then a book GAIA CODEX, is a rich world that has been created for  revelation on a Transmedia Platform. We are at a key evolutionary moment where we are as a species both deepening into the the wonder and renchantment of Mother GAIA  and reawakening to new levels of translucent communications technologies and media creation which are profoundly catalyzing the power of the new shared mythologies as deeply visceral illuminated shared experiences. To this end, Gaia Codex, which in its initial Beta phase has awakened as a global grassroots movement of  women (and men) who who are both passionate explorers and brilliant contributors to the world so vibrantly evoked by the Gaia Codex. Women who are also are aligned with the larger cultural upswell at hand, the passionate  call which directly addresses the critical turning point we face as humanity, in this case specifically through the lens of women as embodiment of the Sacred Feminine,  reawakening to their vibrant and essential role as guardians of the Mother Earth and light bearers and creators of vibrant civilizations now and for generations to come.  The time has come. The  time is Now.