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     A Short BIO…

I am fortunate to have lived a life that has allowed for deep exploration–journeys into the evolution of  consciousness, culture, and the often poignant journey of the human soul.

Over the years, I have travelled extensively throughout the world from the high plateaus of Tibet to the jungles of the Amazon to remote mountain villages in Bhutan. I have studied Zen as a private student at Ryosen-an, a 900 year-old temple in Kyoto, Japan. I have had the honor of studying under the tutelage of Bhutanese Lama teachers and wise embodiments of the Goddess. I have been fortunate to have intimate time with many extraordinary individuals, some who are well known in the public eye and others who are precious hidden treasures.

At U.C. Berkeley, as an undergraduate, I studied Religious Studies. Professionally, I have lectured at the graduate level on themes such Technology and Consciousness and Design of Mind and have been a featured speaker at organizations such as Google  I have written for International Herald Tribune’s Luxe Asia and Rockefeller Foundation’s Asia Society and was one of several lead curators for the global wisdom archive Sacred Agent, which with a five-million dollar endowment, documented 5000 years of collective human wisdom. In the past, I was CEO and co-founder of an early high tech start-up Serpmon and was a Butoh dancer who performed with artists such as Philip Glass.

I teach workshops for women on the ancient feminine mysteries. I am deeply fortunate to have amazing friends and a precious family who daily  inspire my heart. I am mad about fashion, design and architecture and I love to backpack naked in the redwoods.

I live with my partner in Manhattan and on a beautiful farm in the Hudson Valley.  For me, the essence of life and creation is as a service for others. What can we do on a daily basis to benefit others, to benefit all Life?

Sarah’s Photo by In Her Image Photography