Gaia Codex Book Cover


Gaia Codex is one of the most transformative books I’ve ever read.  I literally stayed awake for over twenty four hours mesmerized and transported by its poetry, magic and beauty.  Its a book that sources its wisdom far beyond time and space and yet its a book written precisely for this moment in time.  I’ve given it to everyone in my circle and all have been transported by the story, reminded of their own essential nature, and called into something higher and wider then the visible life in which they partake.  There are books that touch you and inspire you and then there is a sacred text like Gaia Codex that literally alchemizes who you know yourself to be.  Don’t miss this stunning offering by Seer and Mystic Sarah Drew.  The time is urgent.  The code is calling to you.  The moment is now.

Amy Elizabeth Fox CEO and Founder, Mobius Executive Leadership


Sarah Drew’s Gaia Codex bears the ring of truth disguised as fiction. As many more become aware of our true nature, of the interconnectedness of all things, and of the illusion of form to which we have attached ourselves, it feels plausible to think that, like Lila Sophia, we might all shimmer with energy, communicate telepathically, see the future, read the past, remember past lives and recognize reincarnated souls, and find hope in the Divine Feminine. This post-apocalyptic tapestry of a tale, woven with lush language and ornate imagery, offers the possibility of metamorphosis, the chance for redemption, and the promise of what can happen when we stop harming the natural world and start nourishing it instead. Gripping in pace, urgent in its message, and rich with relatable characters, Gaia Codex transported me to a world so radiant that I was disheartened to come back to reality after finishing the book in one bed-ridden day. Yet even in my disappointment about how many of us have tragically lost touch with our Divine nature and with Mother Earth, I am filled with hope that one day, such fiction might become real life.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself


A beautifully written, inspiring story, GAIA CODEX  is a portal into a magical world, one that we can — and must — shapeshift into reality. Sarah Drew pierces the veils of perception that divide past from present and future; she brings joy and hope through a riveting tale that honors the wisdom and power of nature, the feminine, and a Loving Earth.

John Perkins, NYT Bestselling Author and CoFounder of Pachamama Alliance


Gaia Codex is a transmission in the guise of a creation story about the re-emergence of the sacred feminine to help birth a new world. It transmits the divine feminine archetype in greater dimensionality and with a sensual and relational sweetness I’ve rarely encountered elsewhere. A joy to read, it offers nectar in the form of remembering all the power, capacity and grace that lies within our embodied female capabilities, and that are but a fractal of the consciousness that permeate our mother Earth, herself. As a reminder of all that we carry, all that we are, and how we might best face this transformational moment of life on Earth, this book is tender and potent medicine for this time. Every woman and girl should read it, as it will strengthen our abilities to bring all that we are and can be to this pivotal time with self-appreciation, reverence and remembering.

Nina Simons, President and Co-Founder of Bioneers and Founder of Everywoman’s Leadership


Sarah Drew is sourcing divine wisdom in The Gaia Codex. It’s the kind of book that can be read on so many levels, but at its core, this is an illuminated manuscript, the kind of which is the title of the book itself. We are all experiencing intense shifts on the planet and in human consciousness. The Gaia Codex illuminates a future requiring us all to honor, embrace and respect our planet for the ways it literally embodies us. I want my daughter to read this book when she is old enough to understand and act from the wisdom in this book—a timeless treasure for humanity.

Holly Payne, founder and CEO of Booxby


GAIA CODEX  is truly a terma (a sacred found text) for our times. Brilliant. Moving. Captivating. Enchanting. Illuminating. Fabulous.

I laughed, I cried, I was transported into an altered state where every word echoed through my cells and awakened knowings and memories of the ages. The world you have imagined resonated in the very fabric of my being. It is not imagined. It is a dream reawakened. It is ten thousand lifetimes remembered and retold anew. 

So much came to me in the reading. Much insight catalyzed. At times I wept in the deep recognition and the sheer beauty. When it was all over, I had tears coming out of my eyes for several hours although I was not actually crying. I was just so touched. And energized. 

Thank you for this Gift.
Bowing deeply…. It deserves to be distributed widely and adored by many. 

Cynthia Jurs-Sacred Earth Activist, Teacher, Founder of Earth Treasure Vase Project and Alliance for the Earth