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Sarah Drew, author of Gaia Codex,  is a passionate explorer of culture and consciousness. She has traveled extensively around the world from the high peaks of Bhutan to the jungles of the Amazon. An experienced lecturer, who has taught at the graduate level and at organizations such as Google, Sarah is commited to the awakening of the sacred feminine, the evolution of  consciousness and the protection and revitalization of Mother Earth at this critical turning point in history.

Her professional background is as a cultural curator and creator of innovative media. She lives with her partner in Manhattan and on a lush forested farm in the Hudson Valley.

Sarah is available to speak at conferences and to your professional and special interest organizations.

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A Sampling of KEY TOPICS Include:

GAIA CODEX is a multi-layered text that offers multiple themes for exploration.

  • The Power of Mythopoetics
  • POWER of the CIRCLE: Sisterhood and the Women’s Circle as the Foundation for Evolutionary Change
  • Women as Guardians of the Earth: An Emergent Voice for GAIA 
  • Reclaiming the Power of Feminine Wisdom
  • MOTHER GAIA: Our 4.5 billion year-old Library of Wisdom
  • The Semiotics of Costume and Adornment-The Intrinsic Power in How We Dress
  • This Potent Evolutionary Moment
  • Illuminated Creation:

Each presentations includes luscious graphic illustrations. For panel discussions we can also suggest additional  thought leaders by topic.



The Power of Mythopoetics:

Stories and myths, shape our  experience. They become the blueprints for building cultures. Some say at the deepest level they shape the very structure of the material world itself. In the wake of impending environmental crisis and volatile political and social conditions there is a rising call to reclaim and shape our cultural narrative, for many feel that the narratives that are the foundation of our current cultures no longer nourish the well being of our families, communities and the Mother Earth.

In this talk, the power of cultural story and myth are explored. First we will examine classic examples of how foundation myths whether they are religious, scientific or an economical precepts, shape the cultures we live in. Then we  will explore the mythological landscapes of GAIA CODEX and speak about this narrative’s structure, creation process and intent of vision.

Finally we explore how starting today we can begin to generate potent personal and cultural narratives for regenerative societies and why a deep consideration of how we reweave new myths for our future may be essential for the well being of future generations.

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POWER of the CIRCLE: Sisterhood and the Women’s Circle as the Foundation for Evolutionary Change.

Central to the GAIA CODEX is the deep sense of women cherishing and cultivating sisterhood through time. The novel also explores how both power of the women’s circle and the web of many women’s circles acting in unison can profoundly catalyze, healing and transformation both personally and in the culture at large.

Look closely at the history of sisterhood in service of the Goddess and you will find the power, beauty and simplicity of the Circle. In current times, many women are gathering in their own vibrant expressions of the Circle an ancient tool activated for this potent evolutionary moment. How can we use the power of the circle and the web it creates to bring nourishment and health back to our communities, our cultures, our Mother Earth and ourselves?

Talk Overview:

  • Historical overview of powerful examples of sisterhood in myth and history.
  • Explorations of sisterhood in its many aspects: sisters of blood, lineage, the deep sisterhood of friends.
  • Readings from the GAIA CODEX that illustrate the power of sisterhood through the rites, rituals and histories of the Priestesses of Astera.
  • How can we nourish this bond in modern times?
  • What is the new myth of sisterhood for the 21st century?
  • What are ancient examples of the Women’s Circle?
  • How can the power of the women’s circle be used to catalyze healing, social evolution and change?
  • What are the simple starting points for starting a women’s circle.
  • How can the power of the Circle and be applied to your professional organization and/or your extended community to bring health, wealth, well-being and creativity to benefit many beings.

Note:  This presentation works well as a panel discussion with other women.

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Women as Guardians of the Earth- An Emergent Voice for GAIA.

It is true that the care and nurturance of Mother Earth is the task of both women and men but under generations of predominantly male governance we have come to a critical and in many ways tragic turning point where our environmental sanctity is at risk and our current social structures  no longer serve  the needs of the majority of the  people. It is time to flip the coin and access our innate, deep feminine wisdom in the service of Mother Gaia and in alliance with our intrinsic male wisdom. The path forward is balance but to do this we must first reclaim the deep archetypal wisdom of the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess, herself.

For indeed, we women are guardians of Mama GAIA, protectors of Life, the exquisite Beauty and fertile sustenance, the wonder of creation that is our Living Earth our HOME. This guardianship is natural for the females of our species, it seeded in the Heart of our Wombs in our capacity to give birth and protect and nourish our precious children.

Talk Overview:

GAIA CODEX, tells the story of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera, who through the generations and the rise and fall of cultures have been holders of key codes of regeneration for our Mother Earth. Using readings  from the novel and examples from cross-cultural history and myth this talk explores the necessity and the opportunity for women today to be passionate protectors for our Mother Earth.

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Reclaiming the Power of Feminine Wisdom:

What happens when women reclaim the power of our intergenerational wisdom passed between mothers and daughters, sisters and friends? What happens when we truly open the doors into the ancient lineage traditions of the Divine Feminine, letting the Goddess flow through our bodies, our speech, our vision and actions to heal ourselves, our communities, our civilizations and our Mother Earth?

GAIA CODEX is a sumptuous epic journey into a world where the deep roots of feminine wisdom have been protected and cultivated by an ancient lineage of priestesses who have incarnated through the ages and the rise and fall of cultures. It is said that these women, the Priestesses of Astera, remain  hidden until those moments of extraordinary crisis and transformation when they will once more gather to share their wisdom for the benefit of all beings and the benefit of Life

Talk Overview:

  • An in depth exploration of specific, historical and cross-cultural traditions of women’s wisdom transmissions with a highlight on those that are being rediscovered and activated in contemporary culture.
  • Discuss how the reclaiming of our legacy of cross-cultural, multi-generational feminine wisdom is a catalysis for the environmental and economic  evolution that is a critical turning point for our times.
  • Using readings directly from the GAIA CODEX, explore the mythos of an ancient lineage of women, the Priestesses of Astera, who have retained knowledge through the rise and fall of cultures and acted as passionate protectors for our Mother Earth.
  • Discuss how the Feminine Wisdom traditions can be evoked and awakened in our day-to-day lives. With our families and friends, with our sisters of blood and spirit.

*3728780_xl-1 copyMOTHER GAIA: Our 4.5 billion year-old Library of Wisdom

A central theme in GAIA CODEX is that our earth is a living, breathing,  4.5 billion year-old library of wisdom waiting for human beings to access and learn from. Many indigenous cultures have understood our symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth as a source of both sustenance and knowledge. Bucky Fuller put forth a version of this understanding in his book Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth where Mother Earth is conceived as a spaceship readily designed with everything we need for evolution, if we use it wisely.

Talk Overview:

In this talk our Mother Earth is presented as ‘living library’. Drawing from readings in the Gaia Codex and then exploring the perspectives of indigenous peoples’ and visionary thought leaders such as Buckminster Fuller and Janine Benyus, we will explore  how we can learn to read the multi-layered records and wisdom of Mother Gaia in our day-to-day lives and as a foundation for emergent regenerative cultures that are resonant with our Mother Earth

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*13259254_xl copy 3The Semiotics of Costume and Adornment-The Intrinsic Power in How We Dress.

In many traditional cultures, dress was both an adornment and a beautiful, sumptuous, symbolic code that gave others information about your tribe and family, the land you were from and often your status in society. Traditionally clothes were made by hand and were the craft of women who would weave and dye the cloth, embroider the details and sew the clothes.  Clothes were tapestries into which to weave both  prayers and  the histories of a people as well of  the dreams of hope and regeneration for future generations.

Talk Overview: 

Using key readings from the GAIA CODEX where native costume is described, we will explore different types of traditional dress and their symbolic meanings and then transition into how we can begin to resource clothes that both consider the health of Mother Earth and look beautiful (Stock images available for traditional costumes and modern design examples.)

◦   The work of modern day designers, artists and crafts women who are weaving, dying and creating unique beautiful fashion either from organic sources or as from repurposed materials will also be woven into the mix.

◦ How can we expand the current symbolic lexicon in our dress? What are contemporary women saying through their clothes? How can women (and men) create unique expressions that go  beyond fashion dictate and create cultural evolution and movements in the beauty and vibrancy of our dress?

NOTE:  This talk is sumptuously illustrated. If presented as a panel we are happy to suggest additional key notable women who are making their mark as textile designers, weavers and fashion designers with an eco-conscious bent.


Human beings are at critical juncture, an evolutionary turning point. The ecological sanctity and balance of our planet is in question and necessitates a commitment to creating regenerative cultures which sustain the health of our Mother Earth and the well being of all beings.

As a novel, GAIA CODEX brings the detrimental effects of many aspects of contemporary culture on our Mother Earth into sharp focus.  The narrative also reveals the deep multi-generational wisdom of those who have come before and shares an inspired vision of what we can create for generations to come. The novel is also a history of how our disregard of the Divine Feminine (the feminine part of ourselves) has resulted in a legacy of violence against women and against the Earth our home. At this critical juncture how do we bring about cultural transformation?

Talk Overview:

Using today’s headlines as jumping-off-points this talk draws from both key readings from GAIA CODEX, ancient wisdom traditions from around the world, as well as references a growing alliance of key contemporary thinkers, who understands the potential and crisis of this evolutionary turning point. How did we get here and how can we collectively create our a future that honors well being of future generations and honors the sanctity of our Mother Earth?


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Illuminated Creation: The Art of Visionary Writing

This talk is on the process of Illuminated Creation the art of bringing a world to life by learning to deeply listen and to “see” the landscapes and inhabit the characters from the inside out and to then translate this onto the written page and multiple mediums.

In this talk author Sarah Drew shares the writing and creation process she used for creating GAIA CODEX. The talk includes exercises and practices for bringing your own writing and projects to life. Special focus is given to using Illuminated Creation techniques for providing vibrant new culture narratives that in their intent help create regenerative societies.